How to Become a CHAPS (UK) Judge

We are delighted to announce that we will be holding a 2021 judges assessment day for the CHAPS UK panel – Saturday 30th October at Selston Equestrian Centre.

To book your assessment please follow the below link and select which panel you would like to apply for – either ride & conformation, or show & conformation (no riding)

Individuals may have a wide range of experience, from stewarding and judging at local shows to already being experienced judges with other showing societies. The assessment process is intended to be as fair and as consistent as possible, but particular circumstances may sometimes mean that an assessment day runs in a slightly different way from the description.

How to Become a CHAPS (UK) Judge

Firstly you should have some sort of experience that equips you for the task. This might include some or all of the following:

  • Judging for another showing society panel
  • Judging at local/unaffiliated shows
  • Stewarding in showing classes
  • Competing in CHAPS classes

There is no stipulation of how much experience you should have, but generally it’s a case of the more, the better.

ll prospective judges must submit an assessment application to the CHAPS Judges’ Co-ordinator. Assessments are advertised in the CHAPS Journal and normally take place annually in the autumn ( The next assessment will take place in November). Application forms are published on the CHAPS website during the period preceding each assessment. The application must include:

  • Details of relevant experience
  • A cheque for £50 payable to CHAPS (UK) for the cost of the assessment.

Confirmation and details of the assessment day will be sent to you about a week before the event is to take place. Judges must be paid up CHAPS members. Membership for judges runs from October and at the assessment day you will normally need to pay membership for the coming year.

Generally it is not enough just to turn up on the day and see how things go – you will need to do some preparation. Even candidates with a lot of experience of judging and of attending assessment days with other showing societies will need to swot up on the rule book and make sure they know exactly what is expected on the day. Candidates with little experience and who have not attended an assessment day of this sort will want to prepare more thoroughly. The notes in section 5 of the download below give some ideas for how you can do this.

CHAPS (UK) Judges’ Panel for 2021

The updated Judges’ List is formatted in such a way that it is intended to help Show Secretaries in making an informed decision on their choice of Judge(s).

Judges have initially been divided into county areas. Within each county area the divisions are made by the level at which they have been approved to judge, starting with the HOYS level, then County level judges followed by Riding Club level and then Probationers.

Judges may be invited to judge at a lower level than stated, but may NOT be invited to judge above their stated level (e.g. HOYS judges may be asked to judge at any show, however a category B Judge may not judge above Riding Club level).

The “Key”, “Other CHAPS Categories/Panels” and “Other Panels” as given in the download (right) are included within the Judges’ List in order to assist Show Secretaries in their selection of judges; and allows them to more easily select a judge who may be able to preside over other sections at the Show as well as the CHAPS classes. CHAPS levels/ categories are stated in bold typeface.

Please contact Emma Hore at should you require a copy of our current Judges List

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