Grading Information

CHAPS(UK) run a Grading scheme for stallions and mares. Ungraded stallions 4 years old and over may not compete in CHAPS classes; are not recognised as breeding stock and will not be issued with covering certificates.

CHAPSUK run a series of Youngstock Evaluations throughout the year and at various venues around the country. (see Youngstock Evaluations page).

Colts (3 years old and under) that do not fulfil the pedigree requirements as laid out in the Grading Rules and Guidelines booklet may be put forward for Grading if, in the opinion of the CHAPS UK Grading Committee, they have demonstrated they are worthy of consideration by:

  • Their own exceptional performance
  • Progeny performance or
  • Attaining a First Premium in Youngstock Evaluations – at least one of these must include a BREEDING evaluation as a 3 yr old


All stallions, 4 years old or over, will be expected to be ridden at their Grading (unless they are intended for an In-Hand only career)

All stallions (4 years old or over) which are not ridden are not permitted to compete in any CHAPS ridden classes until they have passed a ridden assessment at a future grading or suitable venue, and unl such me will be graded as “in-hand” only.

In an attempt to facilitate the future grading of mares, CHAPS have put in place a format specifically designed to cater for an “area-gradings” facility. If you are able to locate a suitable venue within easy reach of your location, and are able to assure us of a minimum of 6 mares forward for grading, CHAPS will send 2 assessors to evaluate these animals.

The cost for this is available upon request from CHAPS Admin. Mare owners must have their animals 2-stage vetting and bring with them to the Grading the original vetting pass from this procedure.

Mares must also be DNA tested at such me and the results supplied at the Grading. Vetting and DNA testing must have taken place no more than 3 calendar months prior to the Grading date. Anyone who wishes to arrange such a mare grading should contact the Gradings Officer to discuss the procedure and book the assessors.

CHAPS UK can issue passports to colts, geldings and fillies without pedigree no matter what their age.

NB: As from 1.1.2016, passports issued by ID only issuing offices cannot be overstamped: they can no longer include the overstamp page within these passports.
Effective immediately, if CHAPS UK are presented with such a passport for overstamping, we would request that it is revoked in favour of a “studbook” passport irrespective of whether pedigree is known or not – your animal will be upgraded into a studbook, and we would urge that this is taken into consideration before applying for any passport in the first instance.

Single year-dated and numbered Covering Certificates are available to stallion owners/managers (FREE OF CHARGE) from CHAPS UK Administration and should be used for all mares covered by CHAPS UK Graded and Licenced stallions.

Application forms for ordering Covering Certificates are available from Admin/website. The Certificates are 3-part, self-carbonated:

The YELLOW Stallion Return must be sent to CHAPS UK Admin BEFORE 30th November of the covering year;

The WHITE copy is given to the mare owner (please point out that this must be kept safe and used for registration of the foal);

And the PINK copy remains with the stallion owner/stud manager for their records.

Stallions that successfully Grade (with CHAPS UK) may have covering certificates issued for any mare covered at any time during that same calendar year of grading.

For Stud Book entry and verification of parentage, ALL foals must by law be passported before they are 6 months of age or by the end of the year in which they were born, whichever is the later; or, if leaving their place of birth permanently, using the WHITE copy as the registration application form. From the 1st July 2009 all foals MUST be microchipped before applying for registration/passport. Stallion owners are requested to inform mare owners of these requirements. Any foal registration sent after the year of birth should follow the instructions given in the section “Late Registrations” on the covering certificate.
DNA verification will be required for any foals conceived via AI or Embryo Transfer (see below).



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